Government of Canada finally adopts RSS feeds by Audience!

I remember going to the website a few months ago and browsing through the RSS feed links only to find that 90% of them were not active. To my surprise, I decided to give them another try today, and low and behold, they were working! What’s more the Canadian public can now obtain Government of Canada (GOC) RSS news updates by audience, department or province!

All this is great, only there is one problem. Why is nobody promoting this feature? Why is the RSS page link buried in the lower right hand corner of the landing page in small print? In my opinion there should be a direct call to action in a prevalent location. Most people don’t know what RSS means, therefore if that term is to be used, there should at least be a “what is RSS?” link right beside it. Even just two visually pleasing buttons, “Subscribe to our news feeds!” and “What is a news feed?” by its side would do the trick.

All in all though, kudos to the web strategy team for logically organizing the feeds as a first step.

‘Bounce Rate’ as the Sexiest Web Metric Ever – Article by Marketing Profs

Be sure to read this article, I couldn’t explain it better myself: Bounce Rate’ as the Sexiest Web Metric Ever – by Marketing Profs.

Start measuring your website bounce rates everyone! Don’t let other metrics fool you. Having 50,000 unique visits a month to your website means nothing if 50% of people leave without clicking on a single link within your site. This is the metric that turned the web design industry upside down when people started to realize that their flashy expensive splash pages were scaring away precious traffic (See my blog entry on SPLASH pages).

It’s a great way to measure the effectiveness of particular keywords as well. If WebTrends is too confusing for you, try downloading and setting up Google Analytics for free to find out your website bounce rates today! (Actually you have to give the software 24hrs before it starts bringing back data to you). Good Luck.