My “ooVoo” social media video chat recap!

What the heck is ooVoo?

A free video-chat application that lets you connect with up to 6 users at once (see last week’s post). Over the last few days, participants from around the world logged on to try it out and chat with various social media experts as part of a promotion put on by the social media consulting firm crayon. I signed up for 4 sessions, all of which went flawlessly (aside from a few minor sound issues some people had). I had a great time meeting and chatting with both people that work in my field and others that work in completely different areas (film, music, writing, legal, medical, to name a few) but share a common passion for social media. Here are some screenshots:



The conversations were completely organic/spontaneous and didn’t follow any particular format, which is what made this experience so interesting. I found this to be a great tool to quickly put names to faces of various business contacts I’ve amassed either through email or by following their blogs and podcasts.

These last few days really got me thinking back to the origins of video chat and the choppy frame rates in the 90’s (remember “Internet Phone” anyone?). The reality is that those days are long gone for most people. Broadband is here to stay, and most modern mainstream computers have all the necessary processing power and video memory to handle real-time video efficiently, and then some! The technological barriers have been obliterated. You can chat with multiple people around the world, (often times with better sound quality then on a phone) and see them on your screen at 30 fps–>FOR FREE!

So why isn’t there widespread adoption of these tools? Why aren’t organizations using them for quick meetings? Why are they paying monstrous fees for proprietary software that’s often just as buggy? I don’t have an answer for you there. You may say that it’s lack of features and security, but I beg to differ since most people that I seen using WebEx, SVI, StreamLogics, and the likes often aren’t aware of 90% of their software’s potential.

Sure, ooVoo has certain limitations such as lack of a whiteboard and application sharing. However, at the moment that’s not its purpose. Communication simplicity is meant to be its prevalent theme. That being said, there are many competing applications popping up every day, and effective differentiation is going to make or break many of these start-ups. Let’s just hope ooVoo finds a solid business model for itself to ensure sustainability.

My verdict: I will be ready to support it even at a minor fee (which should be expected at one point or another unless affiliate advertising proves to be a sufficient source of income). In the meantime, try it out for yourselves while its free! You can add me by searching for “Mike Kujawski”.

Blog Transfer Complete

Ok, I think I finally got everything up and running. For those of you thinking about transferring your blogs onto your own domain, I’d say the hardest part was having to re-do all the tags and embedded videos. Other than that, if you have basic FTP knowledge (for file transfers) you should be fine. Please let me know if any of my links do not work or if you have any trouble whatsoever navigating this blog.

Why did I transfer?

For those of you that have been subscribing to my blog up until now, you probably noticed that I was using the domain ( even though I owned as well ( it was simply re-directing to the WordPress domain). The disadvantage of this (other than personal branding reasons) was that I had limited control over the presentation and programming aspects of my blog. I am now in full control of every aspect of my blog (you may see some custom widgets showing up soon).

The only temporary disadvantage is a loss of existing subscribers and initial traffic (the domain has a very high search engine ranking). In order to offset the effects of this, I would like to ask all of my existing and new subscribers to be sure to subscribe to my new blog domain. The two options are as follows:


Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël !


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments throughout the year. Each and every little contribution to the millions of conversations going on out there pushes this new and evolving field of Social Media Marketing one step further.

I will be re-charging my batteries over the next few days since the Jan-March period will be busy beyond belief (here at CEPSM) with some major national marketing strategies (including a recruitment strategy for the Department of National Defence) that I will be able to tell you more about when we receive the contracts. You can rest assured that we will be making some serious recommendations involving social media.

I wish you and your families all the best!

Merry Christmas!