Canadians speak out on the future of government eServices

I just came across an excellent new research report from PWC. It has a rather long  name “Next Generation of  eservices – CitizenCompass – Enhancing service delivery in the Canadian public sector“, however it’s quite informative nonetheless. Essentially its purpose was to ask Canadians how they are interacting with government now, and how they would like to interact in the future regarding service delivery. Continue reading “Canadians speak out on the future of government eServices”

State of Social Media Monitoring Survey

Once in a while, my organization conducts research geared at public sector and non-profit marketing/communications professionals. The research is meant to benefit the entire community as it addresses knowledge gaps in the industry. A few weeks ago, CEPSM partnered up with Environics Research Group to launch the “State of Social Media Monitoring in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors Survey“. If you haven’t yet responded, please do so asap. The survey takes less than 3 minutes to fill out. Continue reading “State of Social Media Monitoring Survey”

Find company HR insights in 60 seconds

This weekend I decided to set myself an initial output objective surrounding my new “Learn in 60 seconds” video series. It is as follows: “Produce one new “Learn in 60 seconds” video every Monday morning for the next 2 months”.

Seeing as how today is Monday, here is my second video, Lesson #2: “How to find free HR insights about a company based on LinkedIn profiles”: