How to not contribute to fake news.

As I write this post, I’m waiting for a flight at Pearson International Airport reading through the incoming notifications on my mobile regarding the tragic Berlin Christmas Market lorry incident. At this point, a few deaths have already been confirmed, however judging by the verified images and videos coming from the location, there will surely be many more. There are no words that can bring these people back or console those affected, however there are concrete steps readers/viewers like myself can take to stop the spread of false information during a time of crisis such as this, where we are all prone to react emotionally. Therefore, before you share, like, comment, or re-tweet that next post, take a deep breath and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. To the best of my knowledge, am I sharing factual content?
  2. Could innocent people be negatively affected by what I am sharing?
  3. Do I genuinely feel I am helping someone by sharing this?

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Death to “we are experiencing higher than normal call volume”.

Last week I finally found the time to dedicate an entire day to calling various home service providers and product brands with which I have been having issues throughout the year. In most of the cases, I had made a note to call as the issue arose, however, other priorities kept creeping up. This was the day I was going to get it all done.

I interacted with three companies and had three very different experiences. Rather than publicly shaming or praising each company, I’ve decided to just list some high-level takeaways from my experience. I think this year is going to mark a significant turning point for customer service, both online and offline. Continue reading

Yes, There’s a Tool for That! 25 Tips to Speed Up Your Day-to-Day Digital Workflow

Back in June I gave a hands-on presentation at the MARCOM Annual Forum demonstrating 25 of my favourite tools that have optimized my digital workflow over the years. It turns out the topic really resonated with the audience so I have decided to post up the slides right here on my blog in case you missed the presentation.

Here is the official description of the presentation I gave (slides embedded below):

“Have you ever found yourself wasting a considerable amount of time performing some annoying, repetitive process within a common application, social media website, or your web browser? Wish there was a “magic” shortcut or simply a better way of getting it done?

There most likely is.

We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves on the use of the tools and technology around us, but it’s quite hard to keep pace in an age of disruption. In this practical, on-screen demonstration based workshop, you will be provided with 25 tools and tips that the presenter, Mike Kujawski, has hand-picked from personal experience, day-to-day observations and interactions with his consulting and training clients. While some tools may have little to do with your specific field or industry, they have everything to do with your efficiency and effectiveness as an employee in today’s digital world, where agility and “life-hacking” skills are becoming increasingly valued”.