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A Vision of Students Today – A must see video for anyone targeting students in their campaigns

This is a great snapshot of the modern undergraduate classroom in college/university. Even though the video tries to blame technology to a certain degree, I think it’s ironic how its “technology” that to a large extent, has facilitated the distribution of this video via the web in order to better promote the core underlying message, which I understand as: Society has CHANGED, it’s time for TRADITIONAL beliefs and systems to adapt to this new DIGITAL society.

Implications for marketers in the public sector:

  • Students are not reading your textbook pamphlets and brochures
  • Students don’t have time to watch TV during regular hours
  • Most “leisure time” at home is spent on the web
  • If you think students are in the library, think again.
  • Mobile is THE NEXT BIG THING in terms of getting your message across
  • Online Social Networks are HUGE (just don’t abuse them using traditional push-advertising)
  • Students are smarter than you think, don’t tell them what to do, join into their conversation instead.

What are your thoughts?

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