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The State of Mobile in the Canadian Government

Ok, the title may be a stretch, but I have put together a quick visual presentation of current government mobile apps and websites based on the input I received on my mobile government wiki. Why did I do this? I figured it might help some of you govies strengthen your case for mobile by showing what others have already done. Government organizations often like to follow the leader rather than lead (doesn’t apply to all of course , the leaders know who they are).

Vancouver 2010 Mobile Olympics

I love the Olympics. Besides the excitement of the actual events, I love the sense of camaraderie, national unity and general goodwill that the games bring with them. While it’s true that Vancouver has had its series of mishaps, including a tragic death, the overall spirit of the games can be felt radiating out of the homes and workplaces of our great country.

What’s really exciting about these games is that they mark a new era of interaction and engagement during a global sporting event. I remember only having two options as a kid during past Olympics: watch a select few live events on TV (time-zone permitting) or listen to them on the radio. The rest I would pick up on during the evening news or the next morning’s paper.