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Tag: real-time

Track and filter live event hashtag tweets in 60 seconds

This week’s “Learn in 60 Seconds” video demonstrates how to track multiple event hashtags in real-time and then filter them, also in real-time. The tool is Tweetdeck, which can be downloaded for free. The sample live event I chose for the video is the 2011 Canadian Federal Election, which happens to be taking place as I write this.

My response to the Twitter debate on the NYT and New Yorker Blogs

Chain of events:

  1. George Packer rants about Twitter on his New Yorker blog
  2. Nick Bilton from the NYT Bits Blog rants about George Packer’s blog post
  3. Both blog posts (especially Nick Bilton’s) generate a mass of comments illustrating the social media digital divide that still exists in our society.

My response, which I posted on both blogs: