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Statistics Canada has launched a Census Forum

A fellow business contact of mine, William Dore, recently pointed me towards a new Census Dissemination Discussion Forum that has been created by Statistics Canada. Essentially it is an open forum for people to post questions about the 2011 Census. Discussion topics are broken down into multiple categories and feature unique publicly accessible commenting ability. While it’s not “technically” a web 2.0 app (e.g. no rss feed), it has all the elements from a “strategic web 2.0” perspective, since it does engage Canadians and provide a means of easy two-way communication/collaboration; Everyone has an opportunity to have their voice heard.

Statistics Canada Census Discussion Forum

There aren’t too many questions on there yet, however with a little added exposure from all of us (especially those that actively engage in the world of social media), I’m sure there will be more…

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