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Why aren’t you using Google Docs yet?

I’m always blown away whenever I step outside of the social media fishbowl/community and step into reality.

Which reality am I referring to?

The one where the vast majority of intelligent people in the workforce have never used, let alone heard of free tools such as Google Docs (assuming it’s not blocked).

What is it?

Google Docs is the ultimate tool for when you need wiki functionality, but don’t necessarily want to open it up to the public and/or you just have a short term initiative in mind.

What makes it great?

People are already used to using it (most don’t know they are)

How is that possible?

It uses the same menus, icons and basic features as Microsoft Office products (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

What’s the difference?

Any amount of people can work on the exact same document collaboratively in real-time. No more emails and/or documents with tracked changes!

Show me how!

Watch this video to get an idea of what I’m talking about…

So please , do yourself a favour (if you’re not already all over this) and start saving yourself and your organization some valuable time today!

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  1. I think the Twitter fiasco – where a hacker got access to sensitive company info via Google Docs – has thrown a lot of people off of using the tool. It’s an overall problem with the “cloud computing” mentality; access is less controllable than with a closed in-house intranet.

  2. Hey Andy, agreed, however I’m not trying to say that Google Docs should be replacing internal document management systems. Instead, it should be used for non-sensitive group tasks to drastically improve efficiency. Think of the amount of redundant small group meetings that occur in government and could be avoided through collaborative tools like this.

  3. Mike Kujawski

    Hey Alex, I should have mentioned that as an example. Like you two, my fiancee and I have been all over Google Docs for the last 12 months since we started wedding planning. Just over 1 month to go!

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