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Social Media Revolution 2011 – The new Erik Qualman video

Those of us in the social media fishbowl are all familiar with the Socialnomics video series by Erik Qualman. I have used various versions throughout the years in my presentations, however not so much over the last few, due to the simple fact that many of them were being over-played and over-hyped. Another element I wasn’t a fan of was the amount of American only statistics in past videos, especially considering how global social media has become.

Enter Erik Qualman’s latest video, Social Media Revolution 2011 (embedded below). Finally more of a global perspective on what is going on in the digital universe, complete with some global statistics and a nice African soundtrack.  A perfect intro to the global context I always like to set forth before I speak. Thank you Erik and team!

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  1. Doug Tindal

    Thanks for this! I checked for an update just last week and didn’t find one. This is timely for a presentation next week — one in which I also reference your brief but insightful commentary on emerging ‘best practices’ in social media governance.

  2. I love this new shortened version of Erik’s video. I’d like to use it in a presentation in October. Where can I obtain permission to use the video and from which site can I download this version? Thank you.

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