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Three quick buy-in quotes for your next presentation to senior mgmt on social media

Well, it’s that time of year again (fiscal year-end for most of our gov clients) during which I apologize for being absent and putting my blogging off to the side. I’ve actually probably written more than enough this month to fill the pages of a few lengthy Harlequin Novels (albeit admittedly with far less steamy content), however most it is for client eyes only. That being said, I should be back full force in April.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share a little bit more about some of the work we’re doing in Tanzania by then as well.

One quick little bit of content I thought I’d share with you in the meantime are my three favourite quotes I use (usually on an opening slide) when I present to the heads of various public sector organizations in Canada on the topic of using social media in a strategic manner.  Why do I use these quotes? The reality is that most leaders want to see someone else at their level (or above) doing something about social media (beyond tactics) before they take it seriously themselves (there are exceptions but not many from what I have witnessed).

Quote 1: “Within the Public Service we have begun to adapt to and better use Web 2.0 tools. But we can do more to take full advantage of the opportunities they present for more efficient service delivery, faster knowledge & info sharing & more effective collaboration.” – Wayne G. Wouters, Clerk of the Privy Council.

Quote 2: “To use social media, to speak directly to people, to our constituents, to citizens, to communicate rapidly and directly with our employees and the Canadian public is a challenge but it is a big occasion to promote the conversation between citizens and the Canadian government. It is very important for the future” – Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board

Quote 3: “Get used to the new world: web 2.0 tools are transformative and unstoppable” – The 2012 Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee Report (be sure to read this brand new report asap)

That last one in particular is my new favourite. I’m loving the shift in tone from “suggestive optional” to “in your face factual” over the years. Let me know if you have your own favourites! Let’s share.

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