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Radian6 #Social2011 Debrief

Last week I attended the Social 2011 Conference in Boston (put on by Radian6). I have a ton of takeaways, however to get them all you may want to take a look at either my tweet stream from last week or search through the entire #social2011 hashtag stream (well over 10,000 tweets went out over the course of 48hrs).

It was great to catch up with some of my colleagues from the private sector world of social media, especially since most of my professional community and clientele belongs to the public sector (or non profit) social media space. I’m always quickly reminded that while the private sector (in many cases) may be a few years ahead, it’s not without it’s own unique challenges.

Listen before you socialize

Why is that we don’t want to listen? In the modern rush for social media presence, organizations are not spending enough time listening. Instead they want to be heard. Even the search trends show it. The relative search volume for “social media marketing” is nearly 8 times larger than “social media monitoring”, and the gap is widening. Granted, true marketers know that the term “marketing” encompasses the environmental scan “listening” component, however let’s face it, most people don’t.