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What would happen if the STOP sign was invented in 2008?

I think that every single frustrated ad-agency employee or client-side marketing person (public or private sector) should have a look at this video. I just had to send it to some of my own clients… – Watch more free videos

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  1. Well spotted and very funny. I feel that from time to time a client needs to be told what they want, especially in design / amends to a press release by committee!

  2. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing. I stopped by your blog today because I thoroughly enjoyed your Govt 2.0 presentation at Podcamp Toronto yesterday.

  3. Glad you liked it Donna! You can only say so much in 30min, but I’m always happy to present to our own little community for a change.

  4. […] look at this amusing (yet eerily accurate) video on what happens when clients try to get their marketing to do TOO much at one […]

  5. This site just created my week! I had been looking around for data on this. I’m glad now that I ran across this webpage. Woohoo!

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