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Explaining The Social Media Press Release

Up until now, I have always found it somewhat difficult to explain the Social Media Press Release to newbies. Typically, I would say that it’s basically your press release, stripped of the fluffy BS (facts only) and geared specifically at online influencers (i.e. bloggers, podcasters, etc… from your target audience). The other difference being that it consists of rich multimedia (photos, videos, etc…) and social capabilities (recommended tags for social bookmarking, rss feeds, embeddable media, etc…). I would then show people the SHIFT Communications SMPR Template along with some concrete examples from both the public and private sectors. All in all, a hefty process during which some people would get confused (mainly since in reality, most SMPR’s do not follow a particular template).

I’m still waiting for Lee Lefever from Common Craft to come out with one of his videos on the topic, but in the meantime I found this video by the CNW Group (large media monitoring organization). I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, I just like the video.

What do you think? How do you explain SMPR’s in a presentation or to a client?

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  1. Jennifer van der Valk

    Hi Mike – unfortunately I’m getting the message that this video clip is no longer available? Do you have any other good resources for explaining the social media news release?

  2. Hi Mike

    We have just released a new video that describes how the online media influences. Not specifically about the SMNR, unlike our previous one that Peter refers to, but effectively tells the same story and the feedback has been very positive. Also has the advantage of no sales messages 🙂

    If you would like any further information just let me know.


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